Disaster Recovery Services

Fire. Water. Wind. Storms. Floods. Any of these disasters can cause you to lose your home.

When disaster strikes, Alessio Interiors has the experience, manpower and skills to make your home like new again.

This home had a fire in the attic caused by a faulty attic fan thermostat. The homeowner heard strange banging noises and went outside to check. He was alerted to the fire when a neighbor noticed smoke coming from the eaves. The fire department came out three times, failing twice to quench burning embers, and finally putting many thousands of gallons of water on the structure. The roof structure was a total loss and the interior was so soaked by water and damaged by smoke that every room needed new drywall, floors, doors and trim. A recently-finished basement was also a total loss.

Alessio Custom Interiors repaired the damage by basically rebuilding the home in just nine months with a new roof, new windows, new bricks, new drywall, new kitchens and baths, a new finished basement, and all the hundreds of things that go into building a home.